Why Blog? 3 Basic Benefits of Business Blogging

dimanche 3 octobre 2010
Does your business website have to include a blog? No, it doesn't. In fact, if you've tried business blogging in the past and failed to keep it up, then you already know some of the drawbacks of blog maintenance.
The truth is, blogging takes time and effort that you may not have available, especially if you are a sole proprietor or home based business owner. Furthermore, there is no blogging field of dreams; just because you build it, doesn't mean anyone is going to come read it. So the logical question is, "why blog"?
I'll give you three reasons:
Attract social media attention
From sports fans to political junkies, more and more of your customers are using social media to keep up on the things they care about. These virtual community members routinely share information with each other - like blog posts. A single social media mention from an influential member of your niche can dramatically multiply your website traffic and generate sales.
Improve SEO
Organic search traffic (visitors directed to your website by search engines) is perhaps the most sought after prize in Internet marketing. However, optimizing your site for search can be a real challenge; especially if your website is fairly small. (Fewer webpages means less room for keywords.)
Maintaining a business blog exponentially expands your optimization possibilities. Each new post can target a different keyword or words. Over time you'll end up adding dozens, even hundreds of search engine optimized pages to your business website.
Build brand loyalty
Blogging allows you to develop rapport with the online community. In particular, the comments section of your blog can be used to hold extended conversations, gather feedback, and engage your customer base. Engaged customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are profitable customers.
Furthermore, blogging provides a platform from which you can teach the public about your products and services. It's an opportunity to showcase your authority and expertise, which is reassuring to prospects and established customers alike.
As for those aforementioned drawbacks, if you understand the benefits of business blogging, but truly don't have the time to write, consider hiring a ghost blogger. By writing your blog posts for you a ghost blogger allows you to enjoy all the benefits of business blogging without any of the hassle.

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