Why 99% of People Fail at Making Money With Blogging

samedi 2 octobre 2010

There are hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of information products and books available online and offline trying to teach people how to make money with blogging. It is a very small percentage of people who make any money with blogging however, and in this article I am going to look at the three reasons why 99% of people fail to make any money with blogging. I am also going to look at the two simplest and most effective ways to make money with blogging.
Let take a look at the reasons why most people fail first:
Reason 1: No Technical Ability
A lot of blogging experts talk about "making money from multiple blogs". Managing one good blog at the best of time is very time-consuming and difficult to do, and as a result the best way to make money with lots of blogs (some times hundreds) to turn them into "auto-blogs". Auto-blogs are essentially little blogs that run on autopilot and post content from RSS feeds you plug into them.
Creating, managing and using auto-blogs can be fiddly, time-consuming and difficult for a beginner. On top of that, a lot of these kinds of blogs are not of great quality and Google other and other search engines are clamping down on people using these methods. In other words, it is very difficult to make money with this method, and I don't recommend it. You need to have a technical skill-set to do it, and even if you did, it is still not the best way to make money with your blog these days.
Reason 2: Lack of Proper Planning
A lot of people go into blogging without any kind of plan whatsoever. I have actually seen beginners to blogging go out and create three or four absolutely appalling blogs. They put no effort into them, only put in the bare minimum effort and then they make a few half-baked posts on their blogs. As a result, the blogs don't get any traffic, and when they do get some traffic, the visitor soon gets bored of the terrible design and content.
The beginner makes no money from their efforts and promptly gives up. You need a plan for this kind of business model and you have got to stick to it.
Reason 3: Giving Up Early
Because people don't see a good or quick return from their efforts, very often they give up very early in their blogging journey. Far too often, people will do less than the minimum, and get cross when they don't see any results. It's crazy! A lot of the time, if people had a plan and stuck to it with some consistency, they would see results!
We have taken a look at the three main reasons why people don't make money with blogging, so now lets take a look at the two ways you can make money with blogging.
Method 1
Focus on just one blog. Focus it around a topic (or just around yourself) and write good quality content that people will ENJOY reading. Look at other blogs in your niche that you enjoy reading and look at the quality and length of the posts. Make sure you match that quality and better it!
Stay consistent and focused. Do an hour to two hours work on the blog every day. You don't always have to be posting content. You could be spending the time promoting your blog. You can promote your blog very easily with blog commenting (communicating with other bloggers) guest blog posts and having a link to your blog in your signature file on a forum you contribute to regularly.
Once you have built up a stream of regular traffic to your blog (around 1000+ a month) you can then start to look at monetizing your blog with some adverts. You can sell advertising space directly to people, or use an online advertising network. You could also suggest relevant products to your readers in your post and use an affiliate link so you get a commission if they purchase the product on the strength of your recommendation.
Finally, make sure you build an email list on your blog so you can update people when you have made a new post. Once you have over 2000 subscribers on your email list, you might even be able to start sending out affiliate email promotions to make some more money. Never spam your list or your blog though. Ultimately this method is all about building a brand online, and you don't ever want to do anything to harm your brand or your readers.
Method 2
If you are able to build a blog, then you can use blog software like WordPress and blogger to build mini-sites very easily and quickly. You can set up multiple blogs and monetize them using affiliate links and content. In fact, it is very easy to get these small mini-sites ranked at the top of Google very quickly, bring you a flood of free traffic.
All you need to do is build a number of these sites, with a few pages of content on them, and then get a very small amount of back-links to them. Before you know it, they will be ranking in the search engines in no time and people will be clicking your affiliate links and making you money!

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